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Annilte food grade blue pu Oil Resistant Easy to Clean Conveyor Belt

Easy-clean conveyor belt, used in food machinery, for conveying the usual lifting, plus skirt, can transport a large number of items, conveying powder, meat and other items. The length and width of our industrial belts can be customized according to customers' requirements, and we can also do special processing of the belts according to customers' needs, such as adding guide bars, skirts and blocks.
Base layer structure  polyurethane PU
Color  White Blue
Reinforcement layer material  Aramid long fiber
Surface hardness (Sh A)  95°Shore A
Surface material  polyurethane PU
Surface structure  glossy
Total thickness  3.0 mm
Weight  3.7 kg/m2
AS  Anti-static
Friction coefficient  0.6
Minimum turning diameter  90 mm
Easy Clean Blte features 1、Using A+ raw materials, fusion of new polymer additives, non-toxic, odorless, direct contact with food, in line with FDA food grade certification. 2, using international cross-linking technology, the surface layer to do fusion treatment, smooth surface, non-absorbent, more easy to clean and maintain. 3、Good cutting resistance, no cracks, effectively reducing the breeding of bacteria. 4、Can be transported at large inclination, with baffles and skirts to transport more materials. 5、The skirt is seamless, no hidden material, no material leakage, easy to clean and maintain, increase the service life.
Product Name
PU  conveyor belt
-20 - 80℃,conveyor packaging boxes/clothes/toy/electronic element products line
1.Light & durable2.Not easy to deform & bounce 3.No pollution,food grade 4.low cost,stable chemical property 5.Wear-resistant,,easy to process 6.Strong friction
Reliability and predictability 1.Thermoplastic polyurethane meets FDA food grade requirements, providing food grade conveying without compromising product quality. It combines the cleanliness of a conveyor belt with the operational reliability of a modular plastic unit belt, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime due to conveyor belts. 2. Simplify operation Due to the toothed design of the drive surface, there is no need to manage running and tensioning devices, which is superior to conveyor belts that require tension drives. This not only eliminates the need for full tensioning of the belt, but also reduces belt runout and extends the life of the belt. 3. Reliable hygiene efficiency The smooth surface of the Easy Clean belt is designed without openings or hinges, making the belt easy to clean. Due to the easy cleaning capability of the Easy Clean belt, water consumption is greatly reduced and cleaning time is shortened. Customers can be more efficient in operation. Application

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