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Annilte pvc rough top grass pattern conveyor belt with guide strip for carton sealing machine

The thickness of the sealing machine belt is 5.3mm, with a green pattern on the surface and white fiber cloth on the bottom, our company adopts low-noise cloth with good abrasion resistance. The positioning strips are commonly used for 8*5 10*6 13*8, and for the convenience of turning, the teeth can also be tapped on the positioning strips. Our company produces excellent quality sealing machine belts and firmly glued positioning strips, and professional machines that process the positioning strips beautifully without falling off. Length and width can be customized according to the customer's size. Customized guide bar: Our company has a complete range of guide bars, and skilled workers the products are mechanically calibrated from production to production, and the deviation value is lower than the standard brick in the same industry. Commonly used guide bar standards are 6X4 8X5 10X6 13X8 17X11, etc., using mechanical calibration, and hot melt paste. Single, double, and multi-strip bonding are possible. The binding is tight and very strong. Belt replacement method of sealing machine. 1. Check whether the sealing machine is powered off before belt replacement, and remember to cut off the power. 2. When replacing the belt, adjust the belt tightness to small, the adjustment position is the front end of the conveyor belt of the automatic sealing machine, and there is an adjustment nut for each of the two belts. At the location of the guide pulley at one end of the belt, take off the old belt. 4. Tighten the elastic nut after the new belt is installed to prevent the belt from loosening and affecting the packaging effect of the sealing machine.